How To Install Toggle Bolts

Planning to hang a heavy object on your wall? Learn how to install toggle bolts. Also known as, toggle anchors, toggle bolts are particularly useful for heavy duty installation.

Multiple toggle bolts, also known as toggle anchors.

What You'll Need:

- Toggle Bolts

- Pencil

- Screwdriver

- Brackets or Hooks

- Level

- Power Drill

Toggle bolts work by anchoring themselves to the back of the drywall. They are a heavy duty choice when hanging heavy objects on hallow wall systems, like drywall and plaster.

Step 1: Selecting the Correct Toggle Bolt

Contact Knapp Fasteners, a sales person can help you with purchasing the right toggle bolt so it is strong enough to support your hanging items.

Weight and Support

To decipher between what size toggle bolt to choose; it depends on the size of the bolt and the thickness of the drywall.

The strength of the toggle bolt is determined by the length and diameter of its screw body.

Diameters for toggle bolts include:

• 1/8” • 3/16” • 1/4” • 5/16” • 3/8” • 1/2”

1/8" can hold up to 310lbs, at 3/16" can hold up to 700 lbs, and a 1/4-inch toggle bolt (in a 1-1/2" thick wall) can hold up to 1,390lbs.

Note: different types of walls will require different types of anchors.


Plastic anchors; use for light duty items (under 10lbs)

Self-Drilling (threaded) anchors; use for medium duty items (10lbs to 25lbs)

Toggle Bolts; use for heavy duty duty (25lbs +)

*Mega heavy duty, use toggle bolts as well, however screw directly into a stud

Step 2: Drilling the Hole

  • Mark your hanging point with a pencil.

  • It is best to locate a wall stud. If there is no stud, you will need a wall anchor.

  • Determine your drill bit diameter; fold the wings against the shank and measure the width of the folded end.

  • Drill a hole based on the recommended drill bit size.

  • Avoid making the hole bigger than the flange at the end of the shank, as the flange will need to be against the surface of the drywall.

Step 3: Installation

Wing-Style Toggle Bolts

  • Fold the wings together, push the shank through the hole, including the wings.

  • Place the bolt into the shank after you first insert it through the item you are handling.

  • Use a screwdriver or your fingers to secure the wings (behind the drywall) against the back of the wall while tightening the bolt with another screwdriver.

  • Ensure that you maintain tension so the shank does not turn the bolt.

  • The shank will not turn once the bolt is fairly secure, so you can release the tension and finish tightening the bolt.

Strap-Style Toggle Bolts

  • Strap-Style Toggles has a spring loaded bar that comes with a plastic frame.

Strap style toggle bolt
  • Keep the bar to the frame and slide it through the hole. The bar will snap into a position perpendicular to the wall automatically.

  • Slide the cap along the frame until it is flush against the wall, then snap off the part of the frame that stretches past the wall.

  • Part of the frame remains within the wall, retaining the cap to the handle.

  • Install and screw the bolt through the cap into the bar.

In need of some toggle bolts? Contact us. Not only will we quote you competitive pricing and great lead times; we will help you with purchasing the right toggle bolt so it is strong enough to support your hanging objects.

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